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RHS Class of 1960 - News & Comments

I'm sorry, but these guys look way too young to be on our reunion committee ... don't you think?  



Miss. Annie Wootton was our class advisor and had as much influence on my life as anyone. I particularly appreciated her because she let me use the couch in her office to take naps during home room our senior year. She was one of the great benefactors of Main Street United Methodist Church, and I still help manage the investments she left for student scholarships.

Larry S.


My mind humors me by thinking there is no way I graduated from high school 50 years ago. However, the mirror reflects reality. I look forward to the reunion in November with bitter-sweetness ... renewing friendships but remembering those we've lost. Hearing about children/grandchildren, careers, travels, etc. will be a delight. Looking forward to seeing each of you then.

Sandra G-P  


I am overwhelmed that 25 of our classmates are deceased. I wasn't expecting that number. It is sad. Some of them I knew well and especially Bill Hooper. Let's not forget Barbara Addison. She was another of us killed in a car wreck but that was before graduation. She was small but a big bundle of energy.  

Grant K.


Breaks my heart to see all the great friends who have passed on. I'm happy to have cleared up the rumors of my early demise. Wish I could make the 50th, but will be otherwise occupied. Raise a glass to me and I will reciprocate. Good health to all.

Forrest L.


They were great years and I truly enjoyed the time I spent with my classmates. I'm so sorry that a lot of our friends have passed away. Sadness fills my heart when I realize I will not see them at our reunion. However, I'm honored to have known them and thankful for the individual characteristics of each that left an impression on my life. I am glad that our class has continued to have reunions. Spending time with each other truly brings back good memories. Thanks to our reunion committee for all the hard work to make this possible. The website is an added and enjoyable addition. Thanks! Kudos to you all.

Brenda C-N


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Our heartfelt condolences and affection go out to our classmate, Grant, and his wife, Nancy, for their recent loss.

His email address is

Click on this link: News and Observer article



My email address is

Marvin B.


Dear Classmates, I am SO disappointed that I will not be able to come to the reunion! This website is fantastic; at least I am able to read about everyone and send my love and best wishes to you for a wonderful time together. Thank you!

Maida B-H


I hope more of us will do what Larry and Charlotte have done and share comments about our teachers. Web Guy

RHS teachers I remember

Mrs. Satterfield - Taught algebra and was the best teacher I had in high school. She had a lovely southern accent and no nonsense manner.

Miss. Mitchell - taught freshman English and homeroom - She was cute, vivacious.

Mr. Brown - civics and world history - encouraged us to attend the baseball games.

Mrs. Gunn  - physical education and health - She had the nicest tan all year long.

Miss. Frazier - French - She chastised a student for cutting his fingernails in class and said, “Monsieur, you do that in the privacy of your boudoir.”

Mr. "called-everybody-hoss" Barham taught chemistry. The year of the ”cranberry scare,” I gave him a can of cranberry sauce for Christmas.

Miss. McCall - English. She addressed the class as, “Now people.”

Miss. Davis - typing - After the final exam we had the florist deliver black carnations to her.

Mrs. Cate - librarian - She was very nice ... very interested in students.

                                                                                                    Charlotte H-M


Steve R., our RHS Class of 1960 quarterback, had both knees replaced a few weeks back and last we heard is doing fine.

Larry S.


Mrs. Satterfield was the best! I planned to be a math major at App State til I encountered differentials. DeeJee H-B


Good ol' classmate, Mike H., and wife, Kay, have a new granddaughter. <>



NEWS FLASH ... Our generous classmate, Charlotte H-M, has just sent a special treat to be given to all who attend our BIG 50 reunion. Whatever you do, don't miss out on this!!! Joan Griffin, bless her sweet heart, would be pleased.


 Seeking classmate, Ted L - Joanne M-O. says the last time she talked to him was maybe 10 years ago. His dad was a pastor in W-S, so she and Gene went to church there. Joanne recalls that Ted told her he flew in Vietnam and didn't get a scratch and then back here -- I think she said Camp Lejeune -- he hit some birds when flying a Marine Corp jet. Later, he moved to Florida.

;-) Found Ted! Thanks to what Joanne recalled and some fancy computer work done by Roger and Linda we had a phone # to call and talked to our long-lost classmate,Ted. He is reasonably well and still recovering from injuries. His phone # in Fla. is 941-778-3993. It was terrific talking with him. Let's not lose him again!

Perhaps it isn’t a big deal. But because you have this website if anyone goes to “Google Images” and types in the name of one of our deceased classmates, his or her high school photo likely will be among the first to appear. And that includes a link to our memories about them.


Ronnie Delapp ... whatever happened to him? Thanks to the interest and superior computer and investigative skills of Wayne D., that longtime mystery is now solved. Who of us knew that his folks were killed when he was just 5 years old? A daughter of the couple that raised him kindly told Wayne that after RHS Ronnie spent 20 in military service to his country and retired. During those 20 years, he married his girlfriend from Leaksville and had a daughter. They divorced and Ronnie married again. Just 3 short years after retiring from service and at the age of 42 our classmate Ronnie died and was buried in Oklahoma. R.I.P. “Ronnie D”

Note: If you have a picture of a grandchild you can email attach, please send it to



Happy grand baby. Sandra G-P's daughter-in-law and understandably proud mother of Hudson sent this picture of him. Thank you Shelle.

From elementary, high school and college my favorite teacher was Mr. Hoy Isaacs. He was always eager to help students in his classroom or on the ball field. Who could forget those big dimples and that friendly smile!

Frankie G-C


News about our deceased and missed classmate, Neal Palmer. One of our classmates recently told Neal's sister, Jane, that he will be honored during our BIG 50-year reunion. Jane was very pleased and will get a copy of what's here. One story she told was of how Neal was chosen by his company, Dupont, to talk with the head of state in Belgium about opening a plant there. When Jane asked if he planned to buy and take a tux to wear, he said he didn't. He would take his blue suit, white shirt and the skinny tie he was comfortable wearing. Although he was important, our classmate never "got too big for his britches." A side note was that the new plant was agreed to and Neal was liked so well that he was invited to return to Belgium.


What a wonderful evening last night.(Our 50-yr reunion.) It was so good to see so many people I'd not seen in 50 years. Some I recognized immediately, others took a little longer and perhaps a hint. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and much appreciate the invitation to attend. Special thanks also for the gift of wine from Larry and Mary Lynn. I haven't decided yet whether to enjoy it later, or just keep it forever as a souvenir of the reunion of the class of 1960. After all, one does not get but one of those in a lifetime. No... wait, I get another one next year with the class of 1961. I think that's called double dipping! Best regards to all! Phil W

Thank you reunion committee for your many hours of preparation for our 50-year reunion gathering and thank you for the personal touches that eased much of my anxiety. I find it awkward to attend events alone and often opt not to go ... that option was the direction I was leaning. However, once I saw the notes and news you had compiled and printed, I was aware that I wouldn't be the only female attending without an escort. The fried green tomatoes were such a treat as well as the rest of the delicious meal. Compliments, please, to the cook and staff. Thanks again, Sandra G-P

Many thanks for your work.  This was truly a work of love. I do appreciate your efforts to let me see everyone's notes and pictures. Congratulations on a fantastic 50-year class reunion ... well done.   I do regret not being there. It was just too close to the new grand baby's arrival.  Tomorrow,  her doc will free Lily by induction.  Her daddy made it home from Iraq just in time for her arrival. Her other grandmother and I will be praying nearby for a safe arrival. Carolyn C-C <>

I so enjoyed the events of our class reunion. It was great to see the many that attended. Again, thanks to all the Committee for the hard work. Thanks Terry, for the good information still appearing on the Web Site. I so enjoyed spending time with my friends and classmates of 1960. A number of us spent quite some time together during our four years of high school and some even in Elementary. Hope we do this again soon. Brenda C-N

Just a note to say thanks to the Web Guy and reunion committee for getting the information out to everyone. It appears to have been a huge success. I've talked with several people who had GREAT comments.

Although we were unable to attend, thanks to you and others, Pat and I feel we were not left out. We can attend through the classmate notes and pictures of the reunion. It would have been better in person but the photos add a lot. Again, THANKS for including us in the updates. It would be nice if the name tags were larger and more legible ... ;-) or maybe I just need new glasses. Earl R

Has it REALLY been a week already since our 50-year reunion? Roger and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire weekend and have continued to enjoy it with the pictures. Our Web site communicated to everyone in a very special way. Congratulations to you and the other committee members for your work ... planning, scheduling, researching, more. We think the idea of "mini reunions" before another five years is terrific. Let us know how the Dec. 3rd meeting goes. Linda W-J

Can you believe Judy T-M just emailed us from Hawaii? She wrote, "I appreciate you letting our classmates know about my loss.  It has been hard but all the love and support make it bearable.  With much convincing and assurances from the family that Peggy would not have wanted us to cancel our anniversary trip, Harry and I are in Hawaii.  It has been wonderful and a blessing to divert my attention, at least temporarily. Love to all of you."

Thank you for letting us know about Judy's sister. I remember that Peggy took us on an outing to Fairy Stone Park when we were in high school, and I thought how neat it was that she would want to do that for Judy.  Rebecca E

Forrest L is on Facebook and recently announced there that he has moved from Mexico to Florida. Good to have him closer to "home." Our webmaster recently contacted him and learned that Forrest prefers to be contacted by email.

I am now spending a week in Anchorage, AK with my daughter,Sarah, and new baby, Lillith Renea. Daddy, Chris, has now returned to IRAQ but has the new technology that allows them to see and talk online live. It's amazing that he can watch her grow until he returns in July. Fantastic. It's his second tour of duty out of 15 years in service. I pray for a safe return home. I am presently on Lily duty so Sarah can get some sleep. Lily has us trained well. I will be returning home to Soldotna 150 miles south of Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula on Saturday. Roads are kinda rough presently... I most likely will fly home. I just wish the family was closer so that I could help out more. Many thanks for keeping in touch. Carolyn C-C

Note: We too can keep Lily's daddy in our prayers.

Important recent addition: We added to our online Classmates' Notes all available names and addresses of classmates and will add more as they come in and include the names and  addresses (when you provide them) of spouses of the deceased. Remember you can do a search of the names and addresses using your Web browser.

Also important: Look to see if a name and address of someone you know is missing. If so, please email it right away to your Web Guy at <>.

Christmas card from Grant and Nancy.


Link to obituary of Joyce Deaton Stanley's son, Jason



Miss McCall's Obituary

My memories of Nancy McCall were limited to elementary school. I recall her STORY BOARD and the Bible stories she made so interesting. Earl R.

Note: Joanne O. shared much the same memory of her.

My first memory of Nancy McCall was of her doing Bible stories in the first grade.  Now you can not even mention our Lord and savior.  I went to First Baptist and she always played the pipe organ. Brenda L.

Miss McCall was my homeroom teacher and tried to teach me English. Good luck!  She impressed me as being very professional. I remember she wore those, I thought, funny-looking rimmed glasses. She was so mature she seemed a lot older than she was. Miss Nancy impressed me as being more religous than most adults I knew. Terry L.

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