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We Remember These Dear Classmates



Barbara Addison

November 14, 1958

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The most amazing thing about our class website is this memorial list and that even after 50 years I can say that I remember these classmates and can recall something special about each one. It brings back great memories. Thank you for remembering our friends who have gone before us. Earl R.

Let's not forget Barbara Addison. She was another of us who died in a car accident. But that was before graduation. She was small but a big bundle of energy.

Grant K.

I knew Barbara best from playing with her on the basketball team. She was a very good basketball player. A memory I shall never forget is attending her funeral. This was my first insight into what grief the loss of a child can cause a parent.

Rebecca E.

I think about Barbara and the huge tragedy of her death, so young, each time I visit my father and brother's graves. (See the headstone with Addison on it.) Grant described her very well except I would add Barbara's very cute smile to his description. She was a sweetheart and we miss her.

Web guy

James Bramlett

December 26, 1962

Found this about our classmate

In our senior yearbook, Linda wrote in her "Prophecy" that he wouldn't be able to attend our 10-year reunion. Sadly, that turned out to be true.

The last time I saw James was riding around with him and some other classmates the night we graduated. We were a happy bunch. Little did we know that night how short life could be.

               Rebecca E.

I remember him as being a very nice person and have the vague recollection that he may have died while in military service. Does anyone know for sure? Sonyual H-W

I heard that it was a plane crash while he was in service. I believe he was in the Navy, but I'm not sure. I was in Miss Wooten's English class with James. He was a very polite and nice guy. I remember that he asked me to type his theme paper. He did very well, but bless his heart, he couldn't spell. I made the corrections and hoped that he got a good grade on his paper. I am truly sorry that he had to leave us at such an early age. James would have made some lucky girl a great husband. Mary Ann S-C

Here is just one example of how thoughtful and kind James was. One day I was walking in the rain and James stopped to give me a ride on the school bus he drove. Carol C-K

Bill Hooper

June 13, 1968

I remember the lunchtime forays to Short Sugar's in Bill's convertible. If you looked at the floor of the car, you could see the pavement!            

                                       Charlotte H-M

If it were not for Bill, I would still be in high school trying to pass algebra. Most mornings in homeroom he would very patiently explain algebra to me so that I actually understood it. Bill was a very special person and he was taken from us much too soon.

                              Rebecca E.

Bill and I became close friends at State. One summer we got jobs and shared a room at Myrtle Beach. That summer I was with Bill when he met his future wife, Ann. After graduation I moved to Richmond and Bill, following a stint in the Army, returned to Raleigh to pursue a masters. They had a son and we continued to long-range visit as couples. To celebrate completion of his degree Bill and his family were going to Myrtle Beach where he and Ann first met. I will never forget the phone call that reported their accident. Bill and Ann were wonderful people and good friends to Karolyn and I. We miss them as do many of you.

Garry S.

Ronnie Delapp

July, 1983

To us guys who were in school with and worked with him at the old A&P grocery store on Settle St, Ronnie was our "Fonzie" before there was a "Happy Days." He was one very cool dude! That he passed early probably added to the image I had of him. I'm unable to even imagine Ronnie overweight and balding ... like some of the rest of us. ;-)

Terry L.

Ralph Green

January 11, 1992

Ralph's brother and my brother were close friends during their RHS days. So it seemed natural for the two of us to get together. I remember Ralph doubling me on his bike to go uptown to Republican Headquarter to pick up Ike & Nixon campaign buttons & flyers in Fall of '56.

Glenn S.

Ralph was a dear friend and so kind. He gave me the information to apply at Moses Cone Hospital and get a job. I worked there until I married and moved to Michigan.

Brenda L-V

Ralph and I were in church together for years, growing up in our faith and failings. He was everyone's friend, always ready to help in his warm wonderful way. Even now, Ralph, I will not give up info on some of our wild church-related tricks. Rest in peace, 

Agatha J-E (a/k/a) Gaye    

In our senior yearbook, Ralph was pictured smiling on the back row of the DE club. In my mind that told about him. He seemed always pleasant, shy and willing to work.


Philip Dixon

December 6, 1993

I remember Phil and the  lunchtime trips with him to Short Sugar's in Bill Hooper's convertible.

                 Charlotte H-M

He was a good guy and classmate. And I remember Phil being a friend of Bill Hooper's.

Sonyual H-W

Phil, also known as "Dixon," is remembered for not being so involved as some of us in extracurricular activities. He enjoyed more solitary activities away from school, like hunting. Back then, he was interested in flying and hoped to become a "jet jockey" and later an engineer.

Terry L.

Dorothy Rumley

Dorothy and I were very close friends all through high school. Our mothers worked together at Annie Penn. Dot was a kind and dedicated friend. I have missed her over the years and I thank God that we had many years of friendship until her death.

                                                                            Brenda C-N

Dorothy and I attended the same church. Since she lived only a few blocks away, she usually walked and, on those Sundays when I decided to walk myself, it was always nice to have her company part of the way.

Rebecca E.  

Carolyn Oliver Watson

June 10, 1993

Carolyn was a good friend. Many years ago, she and I played piano duets. We learned to play under Ms. Stroud. Brenda and I used to go to each other's homes to practice and enjoyed our playing.

                                   Brenda C-N

I was in the first grade with Carolyn when she entered the Little Miss Sunbeam bread contest. I don't remember if she won, but she was a beautiful little Miss Sunbeam with her curly blond hair and big blue eyes. She looked just like the one on the bread. She was a nice person.

Frankie G-C

Benny Matkins

May 26, 1996

Benny and some of his friends referred to him as "Igor".  

        Charlotte H-M

Good old Igor. One of the many special memories I have about Benny involves my mother. She was very fond of him and for several years after we graduated whenever he had the time he would go by and visit with her. This meant a great deal to her and to me. Benny was "one of a kind" and I miss him.

Rebecca E.

Neal Palmer

April 29, 1997

Neal's dad was very proud of him. I know because his father and mine worked at American Tobacco and talked about their sons and hopes for them following graduation from RHS. I'm still indebted, in a way, to Neal for asking for more spending money each week when in college. As soon as my dad heard how much Neal was getting, I got an increase weekly from 10 to 15 dollars,

Our classmate, Neal, is remembered by us and his family as a "gentle soul" who made friends easily and always spoke kindly of others. Rest in peace.

Site webmaster

Neal and I became friends at NC State. We often ate with a group of buddies and being "mature college men" our favorite pastime was trying to gross each other out. Neal never enjoyed this game and always lost - no contest. The thing I most remember was his passion for cars. How wonderful that he was able to spend his career in the automotive industry. Garry S


Jimmy Allison

June 20, 1997

What a good guy that Jimmy Allison. We could talk about anything. He and I won best dancers in the senior class. He was always playing jokes and trying to weasel in on conversations I was having with his sister, Anne, a former cheerleader. I really enjoyed Jimmy and miss him.

Patsy C-B

Jimmy was a well-liked "class clown" who loved playing practical jokes. On a trip out of town, he hung a bra outside my hotel door.

Anonymous, by request of that shy classmate

Darrell Myrick

October 11, 1998

Darrell was my cousin and best friend. We had some grand and wild times together. Benny "Igor" Matkins, nicknamed him "Rack" from our early pool hall days.

Good comments about Benny, Ronnie DeLapp, Jimmy Allison, etc. I just couldn't stand to see "Rack" with no mention. I frequently toast them when I'm on the boat. Wonderful times.

Forrest L.

Billy Joe Perkins

December 17, 1999

I still remember Billy Joe's funny reading of The Merchant of Venice in Ms. McCall's class. Later after enrolling at Elon where he was an ‘older’ freshman he said, ‘and here I am wearing a #@%& freshman beanie.’            

                    Charlotte H-M

Billy Joe was born early October, 1941. I was born late October, 1942. So every year, for about 2 weeks, he was 2 years older. In Oct, 1957, when he was 16 and I was 14, we went to Burlington where he bought, with CASH, a 1957 Chevy Impala two door hardtop, pink or salmon in color. I could only dream of some day being like Billy Joe and buying such a beautiful auto. We played many a baseball game in his back yard and little league baseball.

                    Larry S.

Billy Joe gave driver's license renewal tests in W-S. His familiar face and friendliness made taking that test much more agreeable. Terry L.

Carolyn Benfield Williams

July 22, 2000

Carol was a sweet person and very thoughtful classmate. One example is that after graduation she would sometimes come in the furniture store where I worked. One day I just mentioned that I collected Santa Clause figures. Later after she became so sick and couldn't come to the store, she had someone bring me a large Santa. I still have and cherish it. Thank you, Carol.

Sonyual H-W

It isn't that Carol didn't deserve a better picture than this one. For some reason, she didn't have a senior picture in our yearbook. She was important to us and missed enough to scrounge for one to serve as a substitute.

Web guy

Russell Cobb

April 21, 2001

Russell was one of my best friends from 1st grade through graduation. He was always easy to talk to.

Libby Y-S

In seventh grade Russell gave me a ring to wear to be his "girl". I later unwrapped the tape on the ring and found it belonged to Arthur (older brother). Little did I know I was Arthur's girl not Russell's. Loved his southern- most accent and his fun laughter. He was a great guy.

Agatha J-E (a/k/a) Gaye

I remember Russell as outgoing and nearly always showing that sly smile of his. Probably that's some of why we gave him the description of "friendly" in our senior yearbook.

Terry L.

Joan Griffin Adams

March 19, 2002

Joan lived within a block of South End School as did Mary Sue, Patsy C. and Maida. I thought they were lucky to be able to walk back and forth to school. She was very excited about being able to come from AL to our 40-yr class reunion and brought ink pens printed with "Class of 1960" for everyone. We still have ours. She was such a kind and helpful spirit.

Mary Lynn B-S

We weren't as kind to Joan as she easily deserved. Some of us teased her. A few years after graduation, she expressed to one of us her considerable pride in her children. I'm thankful she had that. Now, we are grown up enough to better appreciate our "optimistic" (description given to her in our senior yearbook) Joan Griffin.


Joan and I were good friends ... guess we saw life much the same. We had a lot of sleep-overs and she was kind to me. I still have the pen she gave me.

Brenda L-V

No one enjoyed coming to the reunions more than Joan. She always looked forward to seeing everyone. She was my friend from the first grade through high school She was a good person and I miss her.

Kay H-L

Donna Chaney Laws

September, 2002

I remember Donna as being a little devilish, but always had a smile on her face.

Libby Y-S

I never knew Donna well, but I remember her as a happy bubble of energy with a ready smile. Not a bad way to be remembered.

Charlotte H-M

As the webmaster expressed about another, I don't think we always showed the kindest of ourselves to Donna. She was in our church youth group and made great attempts to be a friend to all. She lost her eyesight later in life I believe. Nice person.

Agatha J-E (a/k/a) Gaye    

I liked Donna. She was the one who wrote to the young soldier stationed in Germany who would later become one of my bros-in-law to let him know that the girl he had only dated, but would later become his wife, was badly injured in an accident.

This site's Web guy

Donna was in my first grade class, I remember a group of us met at her grandmother's house to see Johnny Mathis on color tv. That was the first time I saw color tv, Johnny's eye were blue. His voice was wonderful. I lost contact with Donna sometime along the way, but she was a kind person.

Frankie G-C


Sammy Robertson


I remember Sammy could be found ready to dance after Friday night football games at either the Elks Club or the Recreation Center; (all entrees had to pass inspection by "Mr. Day" who was looming at the door evaluating all who came in). Sammy could be found at the Sweet Shoppe after school hanging with his buddies and whistling at the girls. Nice guy.

Agatha J-E


Jerry Swain

January 20, 2005

I wonder if our soft-spoken classmate, Jerry, planned to work in France? His choice of clubs to be in at RHS and view of himself as a lover suggested he hoped to do that. Kidding aside, he's remembered for his tendency to usually stay quietly in the background and for his friendly smile. My guess is that he was such a steady presence in our class of 1960 that it's difficult to recall particulars ... still, we do remember him.


Norma Brooks Foulks

October 5, 2005

Norma was a shy, sweet girl with whom Harry and I double-dated many times. She was a devoted daughter who took care of her mother faithfully during her final years.

Judy T-M

Norma Lee was the "brain" of our class at Williamsburg (school). She worked her entire career at Blue Bell/Wrangler/V F Corp where she went from writing computer programs to department head. Norma Lee's co-workers' tributes at her funeral were some of the most moving and loving I have ever heard expressed towards another human being.

Larry S.

Dickie Dillard

October 31, 2005

My memories of Dickie are filled with his fun and mischievous antics. One snowy night we all met at the Reidsville bus station his mom owned and operated. That was headquarters where we warmed ourselves then hit the sledding hills at the country club over and over. He liked to tease me, often tying my sweater sleeves to the desk behind me in civics class. I always think of Dickie with his crew cut and "Mr. Cool" moves. He was a favorite classmate.

Agatha J-E

Carole Vernon Bowman

August 24, 2006

Carol and I were friends for many years. We used to have sleep-overs at each other's house. We went to the First Presbyterian together for many years. I truly miss her.

Brenda C-N

Mary Lou Warf Willis

April 23, 2007

The RHS Reunion Committee is composed of classmates who attend any meeting and are willing to help out. Mary Lou, our class vice president, was the driving force until her death. We miss her.

Larry S.

Mary Lou and I worked together at Jefferson Standard/Jefferson Pilot for forty years and became very close friends. We shared a lot about family and friends that we went to school with. I still cannot believe that she is not with us today. Life is short.  

Mary Ann S-C

Mary Lou was a true friend and encourager. During my husband's lengthy illness, treatment and death, I could always look forward to a call from her. She accompanied us on a trip to Israel in the late 1990's and we could always count on Mary Lou to entertain us with her quick wit and ability to find a bargain. Her length of years wasn't what any of us would have predicted but the quality of those years and her investment in others were amazing!

  Sandra G-P

Mary Lou was such a precious life. Every time you met Lou on the street or at the mall it seemed as if it made her day. Lou and I grew up in the same neighborhood and shared a lot of childhood experiences. I remember that one day we got a little upset at one another. That afternoon we stood on the opposite sides of the street between our homes. I ate a chicken leg while she ate the breast. The breast was my favorite and the leg was hers. Something so simple to get revenge. But we laughed about that for years. Truly loved her... good bye, Lou.

 Linda G-H

One reason I loved her was that, unlike the rest of us, Mary Lou pretty much chose to be our classmate. When she was maybe 13 or 14, her family moved to a new home out beyond Penn's Farm. She was closer to another high school but rode each school day to RHS to be with us.

                 Site webmaster

Mary Lou was a dear friend and a very kind and sweet natured lady. We enjoyed attending the railroad gatherings together. Her attributes included integrity, honesty, friendly, and a dedicated Christian ... just to mention a few. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to know her.

                  Brenda C-N

Glenn Aheron

November, 2009

Glenn and his wife, Barbara, were close friends with my husband, Preston, and I while they lived in Reidsville. He was a very kind and sweet guy and successful in his business as a welder. They moved to Md and lived there for over forty years. He had problems with his health and was given a kidney by his wife. They had one daughter and two grandchildren.

Mary Ann S-C

At times he would sleep with a football helmet on so he wouldn't mess up his hair. Glenn was the one who gave me my nickname.

James "Barney" B.

We know this is a poor picture of our classmate, Glenn, but he didn't have one in our senior yearbook. He is easily important enough for us (thank you Linda and Roger) to find a photo to serve as a substitute and aid to remembering and honoring him.

Classmate Web guy

Glenn was a treasured friend all through high school. He had one of those door knob-like things on the steering wheel of his car; and of course, it was pleasing that he kept a picture of me in that steering wheel knob. What a big head I had! Glenn, thanks for your friendship.

Linda G-H

Kenneth Mitchell

December 11, 2009

Ken, Connie T. and I toured Reidsville in January of 2009. We hit our old high school, Thompson gym, and Short Sugars. We had played basketball together. Ken was one of my best friends at RHS. He had lived a very difficult life and was in bad health. Yet he was at peace with himself, knowing his days were short.

Larry S.

Our senior year, he was president of RHS's Future Farmers of America Club. Ken was proud of his commitment to family farming shown by wearing his FFA jacket. If I picture Ken as he was back then, he's in it.

                 Site Web guy

James Smith

February 2, 2010

I knew Jimmy almost all of my school days. His family lived in the Monroeton area and we both attended Monroeton School. In high school we rode Bus 27 on its circuitous route to RHS. Years later when Jimmy was in Chapel Hill for a continuing education course for firefighters he looked me up and we had a mini-reunion. He was a gentle giant.

Charlotte H-M

I will always remember Jimmy. He invited me to a square dance in Monroeton. We had a really good time learning how to square dance. I talked to him before the last reunion and he wanted to come but was unable due to back problems. I will miss seeing him. He was a nice guy.

Kay H-L

Jim worked at the Greensboro Fire Department and would come to the Jefferson Pilot building to do the annual inspection. He, Mary Lou and I became close friends. All the ladies at JP would swoon over that good looking fireman who came to visit us. Of course, Mary Lou and I would always get a hug. He was a great guy.

Mary Ann S-C

Ronald Talley

February 9, 2012

I do recall Ronald Talley. His father, Charlie, worked as the gardener at Penn's Plantation.  Ronald and I were good friends and I spent several weekends with him, Dwight and his folks at his home on the Plantation. That was back in the late 1950's. Unfortunately I lost contact with Ronald after graduation. I don't think he attended any of our high school reunions. I did call him a few times after graduation but we never saw each other again. Earl R.

I remember Ronald Talley as growing the most beautiful flowers at Chinqua Penn. He was such a gentle giant. Pat B.

Part of the evidence that Ronald was kind and sensitive was his quietness. I don't recall that he spoke that much but have the sense now that what he said was worth hearing. He kindly took a dog I loved a lot but couldn't keep from jumping its fence. Ronald saved her life because he lived where he could and would let her run free. Today I don't know how long she lived with Ronald but he gave her the chance she couldn't have living with me. I hope that Ronald, up there in Heaven, knows I still appreciate his quiet kindness and regret we lost touch after RHS. Terry L.


Roger Alan Jones

March 22, 2013

Maybe the only time I was ever ahead of Roger in most anything was briefly at North End School. Even then, he quickly caught up. He was so smart they sent him up to the second grade in my class. His family moved across town, so we weren't classmates again until 8th grade at Franklin Street School.  Some recollections of Roger at RHS are that he was a "brain" and "jock" with a quick smile and calm temperament . . .  except when game time on the football field. He was so good that he was a co-captain our last year. How our class of 1960 felt about "Rogg" was partly summed-up in awarding him the superlative, "Best all-around (guy)." Roger's to-be sweetheart, love-for-life and wife, Linda Wagoner, accurately prophesied in our senior yearbook that he would become an engineer. Clearly, she later had a different idea about his ambition (1960 yearbook) "To be a playboy." That was Roger's very good fortune and Linda's too. Classmate & Web Guy

What a joy cheering for Roger on the football team. He was the best!  Pat C B

My heart is heavy and sad. Roger was a fine gentleman and so kind to everyone. He conveyed the presence of a very humble spirit. I am honored to have known him. Sending my thoughts, prayers and love to Linda and all the family.   Brenda C N

My special memory of Roger was when he and I were asked to take our desk down the hall of North End to Mrs Greer's second grade class. Because he and I were taught to read at Mrs. Davis' Nursery School, the first grade teacher was afraid that we would be bored staying back in 1st grade. So, Mr. Gillespie, the principal, asked us to carry our desks down the hall to our new room. I remember being nervous and scared....but Roger seemed very confident. We were not really close friends; but, I will remember him as always being a very kind person.       Carolyn C C

Sorry to hear about Roger. I recall from playing football with him that he was a gentle giant. He was one of the nicest guys you would ever hope to meet. Our prayers and condolences go out to Linda and her family.  Earl R



Priscilla Woodall Farmer

December 1, 2013

See dear Priscilla's obituary at


Allan Colvin

February 26, 2014

Allan was one of my best friends at RHS and later when he attended NC State and UNC.We double dated a lot when we were in college. We had many good times together during those years. He was very much an "intellectual".  His parents had 14 children, 3 of whom died as infants.  I believe Allan was the oldest child. He married an English girl named Diane he met while in was serving in the Air Force.  Mary Lynn and I had them over for dinner one night in the early 1970s when they were in Reidsville.  Diane died also of cancer about 6 or 7 years ago.  They lived near Tacoma, Washington outside a small town named Graham. He made a special effort to come to our 50-year reunion and really enjoyed seeing his "old" classmates, virtually none of whom he recognized, including me!! Larry S.

When we knew our quiet and usually serious classmate, Allan, he wanted to be a scientist. He started high school slowly but definitely picked up speed. By our senior year, he was a member of the National Honor Society and was a homeroom representative. In our senior will, he left his used physics and chemistry textbooks to his younger brother. His favorite expression was, "According to my calculations." Linda prophecized that one day he would teach at NC State. It might be that much of that didn't work out but something we can be sure of is that Allan dedicated his life to being of service. The first 20 of his 40-year career he served our country in the military. The last 20 he served in government. Thank you, Allen.   Web Guy



Mike Lewis

August 27, 2014

Mike and I were talking at the 50-year class reunion about our 15 minutes of fame as "K" for Kind-hearted in the senior yearbook.

Mike and my brother Danny were fellow ham radio operators over the years and Danny frequently sought his help when Mike was working at Radio Shack.
Danny once bought a new TV antenna and Mike de
cided to take the old one back with him.  Only problem was the old antenna was 17 ft long.  They tied it on top of Mike's car and off he went.
What happen after that is still unknown!. Larry S.

Our truly kind-hearted classmate, Mike, loved his car and the roar it made on his way to and from Reidsville High School. He showed his outstanding sense of humor when, in our yearbook's “Last Will and Testament,” he left a particular highway patrolman to someone else whose “wheels” had outstanding mufflers. Mike told us about his ambition to join the Navy and continue his education. After all, his favorite expression was, “live and learn.” He really likely the radio and became an amateur radio operator. He maintained that affection throughout his life. When he could in recent years, Mike would join and socialize with his fellow aging classmates at Fursty's. We enjoyed his company and will miss his friendly smile and conversation. Rest in peace, Mike.    WebGuy

Jackie Ingram Earles

October 19, 2014


David Moore

January 2, 2015


Back at ol' RHS. English wasn't Dave's favorite subject. In fact, in our senior class yearbook, he willed (in humor) his English textbook to Jack Manly. He loved to fish back then and continued that through the rest of his too-short 72 years. Back when we, the class of 1960, knew him, Dave was a member of the Future Farmers of America and drove one of our school buses the last two years. We remember David well and fondly and send our most sincere condolences to his dear wife, Joanne, his children and grandchildren. Class Webguy

Our classmte, Charlotte H-M, wrote, "Thank you and Mary Lynn for informing us about David. I attended school with him from 1st grade through 12th grade. Unfortunately I don't think I've seen him since 1960. I remember David as a good student with an easy-going manner."


Frank Shreve

January 13, 2015


Betty Echols Lucas

August 16, 2015



See her obituary at

Ted  Lamb

January 2, 2016

All of us who knew and remember our classmate, Ted Lamb, are in shock. I got word from Larry that Starling had just told him about Ted's passing. Thank you Starling and Larry. Ted's brief obituary (see link below) says that there will be a memorial service later.

In our 1960 Senior Roster, Ted was named our "most athletic" male, the President of the Monogram Club our senior year, played in the 1959 Shrine Bowl Game, was the most valuable football player, and was All State. Later he was our nomination to the Football Hall of Fame.

Here is his entry posted before our 50-year reunion: Ted L lives in Holmes Beach, Anna Maria Island, Fl and is retired from the USMC and Sealand/CSX. “After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill, I married Marydine from Spartanburg. I joined the Air ​Wing of the Marine Corps, flew in F4's and served in Vietnam. Following my tour, I was medically retired as a result of a flight accident. I then worked for a containerized steamship company and lived in Charleston, S.C., Chicago, Ponce (Puerto Rico), Atlanta and Tampa. Marydine and I have 2 children, Kelly and Scott, and 5 grandchildren. Following retirement, we moved to Anna Maria Is. and recently renovated a house in Western N.C. so we could spend some time with fellow Tar-Heels!"


Jean Hodges

December 16, 2016

Obituary for Sybil Jean Hodges Woodall

Myra Hurst Allen

December 4, 2017


Joanna Hardy

February 5, 2018


Libby Yount Serrao

July 15, 2018

Earl Roberts

September 18, 2018,25543


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