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Reidsville NC High School Class of 1960

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We remember these classmates


RHS class of 1960 group picture from our 20-year (1980) reunion

Site's webmaster requests your help. He admits to being the "world's worst" at putting names with faces. He has identified some of us he thinks he recognizes but still isn't sure. Use this form to tell the names of people you recognize and he doesn't. If he's wrong, let him know. We will add names below.

Thanks to Tim Talley Photography for permission to use the picture

Special thanks to Glenn, Mary Lynn & Larry, Linda & Roger...but more help is needed with still missing names & corrections  

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1. Sonyual W.

21. Gary S. 41. Jean Hodges

2. Bobbie Jean P.

22. Sandra S. 42. Louise H.

3. Patsy P.

23. Connie T. 43. Frances G.

4. Agatha J.

24. Laura Lee R.

44. Joan G.

5. Anna D.

25. Myrna C.

45. DeeJee H.

6. Carol C-K

26. Larry S.

46. Terry L.

7. Phyllis B.

27. Starling G.

47. John M.

8.  Linda G.

28. Claudine T.

48. Billy Joe P.

9.  Joyce D.

29. Mike L.

49. Jerry S.

10. Mary Lou W.

30. Myra H.

50. Frank S.

11. Linda S.

31. James B. 51. James S.

12. Joanne M.

32. Grant K.

52. Mike H.

13. Norma B.

33. Carol V.

53. Glenn S.

14. Roger J.

34. Steve R. 54. Ken B.

15. Linda W.

35. Mary Lynn B.

55. Lee M.

16. Mary Ann K.

36.  Mary Ann S.

56. John B.
17. ????

37.  Kathleen B.

57. Benny M.
18. Jesse M. 38. Doris W.

58. David S.

19.  Joan K.

39. Shirley W.  

20. Rebecca E.

40. Kay H.  

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Has it really been one half of a century since we Golden Lions graduated from RHS? Some days it seems to me much, much longer and other days it seems like yesterday that we enjoyed graduation together and shared it with family members who are no longer with us.


My wife says that trouble with memory is Godís way of getting us to exercise more. Don't know about you but Iím getting a bunch - often forgetting what I went after - but sadly it isnít having a slimming effect.


That reminds me ... I began to have a growing fear that no one will recognize me when we reunite on November 6, 2010. I will be too fat, have too little hair, too much gray hair, too many wrinkles and skin thatís sagging. But then after looking repeatedly at the group picture taken in 1980, I had an important insight that comforted me and I hope will comfort you ... that is, if you found this ďegg.Ē


That insight is that those of us who are more likely to be recognized at our reunion are those classmates who looked the most distinguished or unusual in high school. I would, for example, recognize Billy Joe, bless his terrific heart,100 years after graduation.


If classmates we havenít seen in a long time donít recognize us, we can tell ourselves it's because we didnít look so unusual in high school.